Monday, October 12, 2015

Best Jeans Styling Tips

Hi guys!

It's been a long time, so now I'm back. And I have something special to share with you guys.
''Best Jeans Styling Tips''

I know some of you didn't know how to styling your jeans. So here's a few of my favorited jeans, you can get an idea how to style your own jeans 😉

Flare High Waist Jeans

As you can see it looks like a cowboy cut something like that, im not so sure what kind of cut is this ahaha
but i really like to pair with a top that you can tight in. Definetely you'll looks so matured !

Straight cut !

It looks like skinny one but its not, for this one i really like to pair with shirt or with simple top. Usually its suitable for your evening walk !

Skinny Jeans

What i love about this jeans is the colour 😍 For skinny jeans i usually wear it with a long top and pair it with a sneakers.

Ripped Jeans

I love every single detail on this jeans. You can pair with tight in tshirt and wear it with sneaker or flat shoes as long as It can makes you feel comfortable to wear it.

This is one also looks like a ripped jeans. you can style it same as the rippef jeans or maybe cam wear it with sandle so it will looks simple yet but nice !

That's all my tips that I can give you.

So how to get this kind of jeans?

Check this out

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