Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Review : Aaron Aziz's Cafe (Kidz n Creme)


It's been a while yaa, so sorry ive been so busy lately not so busy but too lazy lol. As you guys known that aaron aziz's has one cafe which is famously known have nuttela cheese tart and artis came over so many times ok whatever haha. So past few weeks ive been there, yaa to aaron aziz's cafe. The concept of the cafe is obviously for kids right haha am i a kids?

Unfortunately the day we came theres no aaron aziz and his wife and their kids lol. As we go on weekends the place was not too crowded yaa we go during lunch hour. Suprisingly its so quiet when we enter thank god i manage to eat my nutella cheese tart. 

So this what we ate!!! ok im hungry back erm

For the first picture from top to the left is Spaghetti Agli Oglio (turkey bacon) the price range is about RM 16+ i think, the taste was okay i like it. And the right one is Spaghetti Carbonara, okay the taste is different. The taste was not same as usual carbonara like you guys have eat before. But this one it has spiceness taste and idk what some more taste like lol but this also recommended. The price range is about RM 19+ something (ada sen sen) The bottom one from left is Corney Dog for me so so je. Because the bread thier using is roti hoti dog biasa and they just put a huge hot dog with bolognese sauce and melted cheese. And a bunch of fries (i coulndt finish the fries cos its too much weh) but the portion is big so its suitable for 2 kids lol. ok the price range is RM 15+
Yaa last but not too least the desserts. So we manage to taste the two desserts only Tiramisu and Nutella Cheese Tart. Tiramisu was okay but im not a fan of it since it have coffee but i think they using different kind of cheese idk what either they mix up the cheese or what. And the best dessert goes to Nuttella Cheese Tart ok yang ni sedap gila kena beli ok. Tak tipu the price for nuttella tart about RM 15+ something kot (tak ingat)  Air biasa biasa je but we ordered air nutella shake, orange juice, and lagi satu tak ingat. Mine is nutella shake! Nutella shake is da bomb sedap gila. Price tak ingat  over RM 10 something , and orange juice tu is quite expensive for me which is around belas belas jugak and the content of air is only 250ml eventho its a pure orange juice yang takde gula apa semua tapi still mahal for me.
 So the total yang kitaorang makan around RM 100+ , for me the price is okay la for cafe yang macam ni. It is a standard price for this kind of cafe. 

Happy tummy!!! Oh for those who ask the place, the place is quite tersorok and the area macam tak ramai orang. The cafe was located around macam kedai kedai yang macam mahal tapi sunyi. And  from Setia City Mall dekat je cafe tu takde lah dekat but kalau from cafe tu boleh nampak mall. Ok so now we are looking another good cafe to chill and have a good food too for sure. Any idea?

Till then, till we meet again Nutella Cheese Tart. Please suggest another good foods to try!!

Thank you


  1. waaa sedapnya Nutella Shake . Anway , turkey bacon tu apa ye ? sorry tanya :3

  2. Dont get me wrong turkey baconts halal, no worries. People always thought bacon is haram but not all of bacon is haram. turkey bacon is actually like a smoked beef.