Friday, May 23, 2014

I'm a chef

5th SSic Junior TopChef Challenge
Yeayyy it's a new entry!! Dah lama tak update blog and im quite awkward haha. Last April-Im forgot what date it is, it's end of April. I myself with my friend has been joined a cooking competiton which was held at SSIC. So this our second time joined SSIC cooking competition, for sure it's quite interesting and a good program for both of us to talent our cooking skill (I know im not so pro like you guys hehe) The first time I joined was last year.

The right one is my partner and myself at the left side (pls ignore our face reaction cuz we're too focus pftt)
As you guys know they had two session (pls refer my last year ENTRY), so at first we never thought we get the chance to the secound round and at that time I WAS LIKE ''are you kidding me, betul ke kan? Betul ke nama group yang dia sebut tu?'' I never expected we manage to get top10 out of 15 groups. Fuhh rasa bersyukur la jugak masa tu dapat but we never prepared anything so pakai belasah je laah masak next round. 1 hour and we need to prepare 2 dish and the main ingredient was provided, actually it's something like mystery box-I was totally blank at that time, don't know what to cook. I stand still about 5 minutes then I came out with my idea to cook ayam goreng berempah and spicy spaghetti. *Spicy spaghetti ni ciptaan sendiri but it's quite tasteless after that ahhaha.

But too bad, the time when the judges come to taste our food the ayam was not fully cooked. I feel so terrible at that time. Umm masa tu cakap dalam hati ''memang takde harapan la''
So after that pasrah saja la and wait for the announcement.

The above one was last year, 3rd place out of 22 groups and dapat* kcing kcing*-sounds like money but not same at all haha
And the bottom one is this year, kitaorang dapat tempat ke-7. Alhamdullillah even tak dapat *kcing kcing* hmm but it's okay. Experience is much more importance!

Look at that prize, I'm absolutely envy with people who's get the 1st place nak curi *kcing kcing* dia hehe jkjk. I'm so happy with myself that Ican join this kind of competition never thought I'll be this far-not so far actually hehe- Looking forward to join this kind of competition again!! Next year dah tak boleh join dah SSIC, dah habis sekolah huwaaa :(

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