Friday, April 11, 2014

Throwback Singapore

Hi guys missing my blog, so I decide to update a new entry! I just want to remind back all those memories when I went to Singapore last year with family and cousin. So I've been to Singapore for 2x (in just one year) which is the first time is March school holiday and the second was December. So my first trip to Singapore is March last year with my family while December I went with my cousin family.

I don't have so much photos during my trip on March with family so I'll share you guys some of picture that I took during my trip with my cousin family. Okay let's explore Singapore!

Both of us and the uncle beside us is photobomb haha just kidding. my cousin and I decide to sit at the corner nearer the window. If you're taking flight as your main transpot to go to Singapore from KLIA it took about 1 hour to arrive. I forgot to take picture at Changi Airport when I was arrived there.

Mashaallah such a nice view! Those cloud is just so nice.

Day 1 we visited Marina Bay and the Lion. We took MRT to go there and already forgot what station zzzz 
*typicalmenyanyokme* The MRT tickets price it's about 1 dolar + if am not mistaken and it's depend where you want to go, if you want to buy the ticket use the machine that they provided (don't buy at the counter ok!!)

A place that must go during your trip to Singapore is USS! I know the queue it's quite long but we managed to get in there so fast.

This ride is so scary shit, I almost got sore throat because I screamed too loud hahaha. Ingatkan slow sekali laju nak mampusss..

At mummy's place also have ride which is quite similar like roaller coster. I'm not sure what it's look like inside because I didn't have chances to feel the ride. I am totally sad, 2x pergi 2x tak masuk :((( First because we're lack of time and second my head is just so dizzy so I decided not too play the ride because am afraid it will might affect my dizzy-ness ergh now I regret. And they said it's awesome hmm :((( Fine, I will go again someday!

We spend the whole day at USS and we really had fun.

Day 3 we went to Arab St and Bugis St to find some souvenirs for family members and friends.

Since we're in Singapore we had the chance to taste ''Tulang Daging Merah'' something like that I forgot the menu's call what. The tulang just so so, the tulang was a bit sweet and spicy. After that we got back to ours hotel and packing our stuff, it's time for us to get back to our home, Malaysia!!

Before we go to Changi Airport, the pakcik which has been our driver for almost 3days took us to garden by the bay, orchard road and marina bay. 

At garden by the bay. We didn't managed to explore the garden because the pakcik was like rushing to send us to Changi (aipp macam nak halau je haha just kidding). So we just stand in front the tall tree (something like tree i don't know what are they call it) and take pictures in just a few minutes and we take as much as we can before back. 

At Changi Airport, our flight was delayed. It was terrible when your flight is delay. So my cousin and I walking around the airport many times, went to 7 elven 2x and cold storage until we get bored and do some window shopping haha. The moment I passed by Victoria Secret's ''arghh the smell was so good thinking of buy it, then I realize I only left around 40 dollars'' what a sadlyfe....somebody or fu-tu-re husband(aipp) please buy the fragrance for me or I'll not love you hehe.

Finally we're in the flight, that time the steward was looking at us and he's smile toward us that's why our picture looks terrible because we glance at him that time and not ready to take a picture. 

That's all what I can share here. So for those yang baru nak pergi, please send my warm regard to Singapore ;) 


  1. best nye dapat pergi holiday kat sna..btw tulang daging merah tu nampak sedap je!!

  2. I know it's look really tasty! :D