Saturday, April 4, 2015

Review : In2It Lipbalm

How are you guys doing? Im good and getting fat day by day as usual. So i have something to share with you guys, my new favorite lipbalm. Since our country weather is scortching hot today, we have to maintain our skin moisturize all the time especially lips. If you are office workers and have to sit all the time in aircond condition you have something to do with your lips. This is because sometimes aircond can make your body becomes dehydrated as well as hot weather. So what i love to do is by using lipbalm to make lips lembap all the time and not getting dry eventhough you have drank water all the time. Yep this another way by using lipbalms. 

So the flavor of the lipbalm from the left to the right is raspberry, vanilla and orange. Actually they have another one but I only have this 3. Basically the colour will be differents as you can see below.

I loves how vanilla smell cause it smell like IKEA's vanilla candle hahaha

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