Wednesday, September 10, 2014



Trial dah habis. Another one month to face the real SPM!
Arghh. Pray for me. Pray for us. Pray for all 97's batch. 

Tadi cikgu addmath tegur. Yelah baru habis trial dah tak buka buku. Semua duduk bersembang kosong. Mana cikgu tak bising kan.
Insaf kejap. Terus buat latihan math. Tapi jawab beberapa soalan je. Huhu. 
Teruk perangai. Grrr. This is what i need to change!!!! 

Actually holiday mode - turn on. 
Need to rest my mind. Cewahh.
 Tadi pun rajin datang sekolah sebab sebab ada kawan punya birthday
dan dia bawa kek untuk kitaorang! heh heh. thanks tikah. 

Read this quote and its really true. 
Say I will and work hard to make your dreams come true!
This quote act for me. 
Cause I'm the one who love dreaming without do anything to chase it. 

Okay this is really an empty entry.
Does not have any important information.

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