Friday, March 21, 2014

Talk about SPM


It's been a while since my last update on january. Sekarang dah masuk bulan march (act the end of march) that's mean 7- months left till SPM!!!!!! How time flies..yeah time really flies. Idk what I am suppose to update right now hahaha. What keeps bare in my mind right now is SPM. That is the fact that I have to accept that I already became SPM victim. Those ''SPM'' words are keeps playing in my mind non-stop.. To be honest my timetable is really really padat u know. Monday till Wednesday I had class till 1.40 pm while on Tuesday I have extra classes after 1.40pm with the teacher about 35 mins and sometimes I had netball training + kawad. I have no time to study only at night tapi tu pun dah penat sighs..

Based on my march's test result, my marks for chemistry is quite impressive for me bcs before this I never passed, truth to be told yaa hm I got 60 for chemist another 5 marks to got B hm but its okay i really thankful for this (this marks will help me to gain my confidence Yeayyy!!, I really studied for chemist to passed ok) but I also had problem with biology and addmaths!!!! Im just okay with physics so far since last year, but I will try to loves bio and addmaths too zzz.. okay whatever.. if you guys have any tips to be shared, you may shared it here :)) *winkwink* In add maths i just loves LINEAR PROGRAMMING so much but my friends hate it, the easiest topic for me to score and not to get zero in add maths paper haha.

Well, as you guys know yesterday is the day which last year SPM candidates take their result (they must be freaking nervous before they take) for your information my school was the top 5 in daerah gombak and top 1 for sekolah harian in gombak, so proud of my school (congrats guys cuz made it) while for STPM we got 1st places in daerah gombak and if am not mistaken 4rd place in selangor. Such a great achievement, Well Done to all my seniors outhere!! :)) This year I myself will facing SPM and hopefully will make my parents, teachers and school proud of me amin InsyaAllah.

Im going to take 10 subjects for SPM which include elective subjects (chemistry, biology, physics, prinsip perakaunan) All the best to myself, hopefully all those 4 elective subjects I will gets good gred!! Amin, will try my best. ''Selalu ingat tuhan dan dekatkan diri dengan-Nya, InsyaAllah dia akan bantu'' -pesanan dari ustaz. Allah knows best :))

I know its quite possible to get straight A+'s but who knows right, as long as the results makes my mum and dad happy till both of them cry infront of me pun dah buat diri sendiri happy hehe :))
So best of luck from me to the other SPM candidates 2014, may Allah ease everything and may all of us gets a good result!! *winkwink*

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