Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello 2014


It's 2014 now
Well obviously this is Namiqa first post on 2014, n not too late to wish you guys HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Im officially SPM VICTIM now!!! How time flies.... Please do pray for Namiqa (me n my cousin) n other victims too okay? Well....Im freakin nervous right now since school start tomorrow, im nervous not because of homework or the teacher.. just because im a spm victim hm. Ok whatever.. need to struggle to get straight A's amin amin Insyaallah :)))

Ok this is Namiqa last selfie in year 2013, wait for the others selfie in year 2014 hahaha
The picture up there was taken in singapore, HERE is the post!!! (the previous entry)

Dear readers n followers,

Thank you for reading our entry and....
May your 2014 filled with joy, happiness, laughter, wealth AND good health and AND stay read our blog ok? Hahaha

May Allah ease everything and may Allah bless us all. Amin InsyaAlllah.
************OFFICIALLY SPM VICTIM NOW PLS PRAY FOR BOTH OF US (NAMIQA) n the others too hehe. Fighting!! BYE 2013, you'll be miss..
************The sad thing is tomorrow school byee

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